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  1. Zombies are trespassing on your land. Prepare your weapons. Fortify yourself. Get ready for the zombie invasion. Your home is your castle. Defend it. DEVASTATING WEAPONS Buy and upgrade weapons to defend from larger and larger waves of zombies. Use different weapons for different situations. DEFENSIVE OBSTACLES When gunfire isn't enough, barricade yourself. Use crates and barriers to block zombies off or blow them up with barrels and land mines. Build your defense wisely to maximize its effectiveness against zombies. VARIETY OF ZOMBIES Fight against a wide range of zombies. Adjust your strategy to exploit their weaknesses. EPIC BOSS FIGHTS Like a zombie invasion isn't enough, there are 4 ZOMBIES OF THE APOCALYPSE coming your way. They represent Famine, Death, War and Pestilence. They are fierce and deadly. SURVIVAL MODE Test your skills in survival mode after completing the storyline. Exterminate as many zombies as possible before they break through your defenses. Challenge your friends to beat your score. iPhone version: iPad version: Facebook:
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