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Atualizações de Status postados por Vinicius Bastos

  1. MISPLACED: Grandpa Smurf's glasses. Quick, somesmurf check the top of his hat! #SmurfsVillage @SmurfsGames

  2. Place Smurfettes tower on the #SmurfsVillage Mountain to transform her into a princess & increase her XP rewards!

  3. Complete the Swoof Sphinx wonder and build your ultimate #SmurfsVillage. @CapcomBeeline

  4. Place the Rarity Shop in you #SmurfsVillage to get all the past exclusive items you missed! @CapcomBeeline

  5. Happy birthday Smurfs Village! Place your FREE #SmurfsVillage 5th Anniversary Statue to earn a special reward!

  6. Invite Party Smurf to your #SmurfsVillage Island to host a smurftastic celebration every day!

  7. I am busy smurfing something amazing in my #smurfsvillage! Have you smurfed today?

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